Tips and Guidelines for Effective Couples Weight Loss

No matter how close you are with your partner, the weight will never be the easiest topic to discuss. Today, very often, people work from their homes or offices. This means that we don't have an active and healthy lifestyle. Needless to say that this leads to gaining excessive weight and even obesity. If you or your partner has become bigger, and it bothers you, you must talk about this to your partner. However, you need to choose words very carefully, or this may insult your problem. The situation becomes slightly better when you both gained weight. Because this means that you can work on it together. For example, you can join some couples weight loss challenge.

Well, maybe joining various challenges is not the best idea, especially if you are only beginners. It is much better to learn how to lose weight as a couple. This approach will give you the required room for starting a conversation about your partner's excessive weight by saying that it is you who wants to lose weight. So, how couples can lose weight together? First of all, they begin with honesty. They honestly share how they want to see each other. Only when they mutually accept the fact that their weight is a problem they can take further steps and search for a good couples weight loss program.

Is it really better to lose weight together?

Today we are going to discuss some weight loss ideas for couples and will focus our attention on tips on how to do it effectively. So, does it mean that losing weight with your spouse is much more effective than losing weight when you work alone in a local gym? You see, the answer to this question depends on your relationships with your partner, especially on the level of your trust. The closer you are, the more beneficial a chosen couple weight loss therapy will be. So, before doing anything else, just make sure that you have established a proper connection.

To begin with, let's talk about a possible drawback of this approach to weight loss. The biggest and the most common drawback is that you are biologically different from each other. These differences are especially big between heterosexual couples. Thus, men tend to lose weight much faster. Plus, they can eat much more without gaining excessive weight. This means that it is better to avoid compering numbers, because this may frustrate your girlfriend. Generally, for men, it is much easier to lose weight and maintain their physical conditions.

However, when a couple loses weight together, partners also encounter positive effects. For example, Rene Daily, Ph.D., and professor at the University of Texas at Austin in her survey claims that the efficiency of weight loss programs will increase when you do it together with your partner, but only if they know how to support each other. Thus, in a healthy relationship, partners must use various forms of encouragement to support each other. Also, some people may use their influence by asking or reminding their partners to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, she admits that both partners, apart from being supportive, must also be respectful and caring.

How to lose weight as a couple: important tips

As you can see, trying to lose weight together with your partner can make your relationship either better or worse. Be sure that with the right approach, you can significantly raise the efficiency of your fitness program. Very often, when partners in couples are losing weight together, they also improve their relationships. So, here we are going to share important tips on how to lose weight as a couple. We are sure that our tips will achieve even better results than those people on photos of couples before and after weight loss.

1. Dancing together

If you are beginners or don't want to spend your time in a gym, then you will be glad to know that there are many potentially great options for you. For example, you can start attending some dance classes together. This not only will help you both to lose weight but also will reawaken or add more passion to your relationship. Plus, you will learn one of those romantic and hot dances like waltz, salsa, or tango. Every dance session will burn about a few hundred calories. Furthermore, you may find new friends there or surprise your old ones with your new skills.

2. Spend more time outdoors

Too many people underestimate the true effect of simple outdoor activities. Did you know that during a simple walk in your park, you also burn many calories? So, instead of killing yourself in a gym, you can enjoy your walks or any other outdoor activities. Start small, download special app that counts the number of your steps, and traveled distance. This will allow you to control your progress. Also, don't forget to bring as much water as you need. This is especially important during a hot summer day.

3. Drink enough water

It is a well-known fact that a person will never be healthy if he or she doesn't drink enough water. Water is required for many chemical processes in our bodies. Thus, you must always maintain its level at the required level. For example, if your activity makes you sweat and you want to drink water, you should never refuse yourself in this pleasure. Water also serves as a lubricant in our knee joints. So, never neglect an opportunity to take a couple of sips of water. Note: it is better to drink small portions of water but do it more often.

4. Buy bikes

A great way to lose weight is to change your lifestyle, right? So, why don't you prefer bikes over driving a car? At the very beginning, there is no point in buying two expensive bikes, because you may not like this hobby at all. When you have two bikes, start using them instead of your car. For example, you can go on bikes to your local store, to buy healthy food. Or just to have a small ride in a local park. And again, if you want to truly love bicycling, you should start very small.

5. Support each other

When partners decide to lose weight together, they must always support each other. Otherwise, there is no point in doing this together. Even if your partner struggles to make progress, and his or her weight remains the same, you must always support them. Surely, you should never lie. Instead, try to explain that there is nothing bad in this situation, and you will love him or her no matter what. Also, you must always praise your partner for new achievements. Thus, you will motivate him or her for future achievements.

6. Refresh your sexual life

Of course, sex can't be considered as a type of fitness. But it is very useful for your health. Aso, this is a very nice way to make your relationship feel more romantic and intimate. Partners will never be able to build a healthy relationship if they didn't bother to establish a proper sexual life. Additionally, never neglect an opportunity to compliment your partner during sex. This will motivate him or her to work on their body even more.

7. Avoid alcohol

Remember, if you want to lose weight, then you definitely must avoid alcohol. When you stay at home and drink it, you tend to become lazier. Thus, you will be way less active. If you drink alcohol during various activities, this may lead to injuries. Which is also bad. Furthermore, alcohol negatively affects metabolism and may contain many calories. For example, beer is the main reason why men have beer bellies.

8. Change your food habits

Unfortunately, if you want to lose weight, it won't be enough just to start exercising, you will also have to change your food habits. For example, it is better to completely forget about fast food and fatty food in general. Also, it is better to avoid fried dishes. Furthermore, chances are that if you want to change your weight, then you will have to avoid sugar too.

Foods to eat together to lose weight: tasty ideas

Still, want to know how couples can lose weight together? Apart from spending time together and playing sports, the best way to lose weight is to have proper nutrition. As we have already said, you will have to avoid many products. But are there some foods to eat together to lose weight? Surely there are, and we are going to share some of those with you now.

1. Avocado and various greens

Various salads are very low in calories. The main task is to avoid sunflower oil. In turn, avocado will help your body to absorb more antioxidants.

2. Eat more fruits

Yes, you can't eat all those chips, hamburgers and sweets, but this doesn't mean that you need to suffer from this! After all, various fruits are no less tasty, but far healthier.

3. Chicken breasts

If you can imagine your life without meat, then you will be glad to know that chicken breasts are very good for weight loss. The main trick is that you need to bake or boil them instead of frying.

4. Oatmeal

The main idea behind including the oatmeal in your ration is that our bodies can't break down fiber. This means that this fiber only takes place in our stomachs. As a result, we don't feel hungry and won't receive any additional calories.

5. Eggs, peppers, and black beans

According to scientists, those people, who start their breakfasts by eating eggs, tend to eat less during the whole day. In turn, peppers, and black beans add even more fiber to your ration.

6. Green tea

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that green tea is perfect for those who want to lose weight. This is especially true if you drink it with lemon.

7. Salmon

Feel absolutely free to eat fish such as salmon, because it not only serves as a food for your brain but also won't cost you many calories.

Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to lose weight. This is why you won't have immediate results, no matter how hard you try. But if you support and help each other, then, rather sooner than later, you will achieve all the desired results.


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