Easy healthy desserts recipes everyone will tackle

Healthy eating and dieting have been a huge trend in recent years. People have actually found out that in order to lose weight, you have to eat! And if you have a busy training schedule, then all the micronutrients and the quality of food you are consuming matter even more.

So, healthy desserts do not mean eating only nuts and apples, you can actually have delicious cupcakes and creative snacks and still inside the limits of your diet. Some of them can be sweat because of the ingredients used for example bananas, apples or honey and still stay healthy. We have prepared a list of 5 easy desserts literally everyone will cope so that you change your look on eating healthy and enjoying sweets at the same time.

  • ● Cheese dessert
  • Ingredients:

    Yogurt - 250 ml;

    Milk - 125 ml;

    Low-fat cheese - 250 g;

    Gelatin - 25 g;

    Vanillin - 0.5 tsp.

    Cocoa for coloring - 1 tbsp.

    Honey - to taste


    1. Add gelatine to milk, and then heat the mass on a water bath until gelatin dissolves. Do not let the mixture boil!

    2. Mix yogurt with cheese and honey

    3. Ass slightly cooled milk to the main mass and stir the mixture it well. Divide the mass in half and add cocoa to the one part

    4. Form a dessert: put the layers of each mixture and form the multi-colored dessert. Put it in the fridge for 60 minutes

    5. Take the ready-made dessert out of the mugs or forms and serve sprinkled with black chocolate

  • ● Healthy muffins
  • Ingredients:

    Oatmeal flakes - 200 g;

    Bran - 2 tablespoons;

    Banana - 1 pc;

    Green apple - 1 pc;

    Non-sweet yogurt (5%) - 140 ml;

    Coconut chips - 50 g;

    Raisins - 30 g

    How to cook apple muffins:

    1. Grate the apple on a large grater

    2. Mix in with the oat flakes, bran, raisins, and coconut shavings.

    3. Blend banana with yogurt into a puree

    4. Add the banana-yogurt mixture to the dry ingredients. Add the apples and mix

    5. Put the mixture into forms for cupcakes. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees

  • ● Easy cupcake in a mug
  • Ingredients:

    Oatmeal – 5 tbsp;

    Cocoa - 1 tbsp;

    Egg - 1 pc;

    Milk - 2 tablespoons;

    Oil - 1 tsp;

    Honey - 1 tbsp


    Mix all the ingredients. Divide the dough into 2 servings and place each one in a mug. Put the cups in a microwave for 3 minutes at a power of 750-1000 Watts. Cakes can be served with sour cream and fruits.

  • ● Apples and sour milk dessert
  • Ingredients:

    Apples - to taste;

    Sour Milk - to taste;

    Honey - to taste

    Simple recipe:

    Cut the apples in half and bake in the oven until soft. Take the apples out of the oven and peel off the skin. Add sour milk and honey. Let it in the fridge overnight.

  • ● Apple strudel in a pita
  • Ingredients:

    Pita - 1 pc;

    Sour milk cheese - 150g;

    Apples - 2 pcs;

    Pear - 1 pc .;

    Raisins, nuts - a handful;

    Honey - 1 tbs .;

    Cinnamon - to taste;

    Yolk - 1.

    A step-by-step recipe for preparing a strudel in a pita:

    1. Add the honey to the cheese and mix in. Cut apples and pears into small cubes.

    2. Spread the cheese on the pita, leaving 5-7 inches on the sides.

    3. Then spread the chopped apples and pears. Sprinkle with raisins.

    4. Form a roll from the pita. Beat the egg yolk to form a foamy mixture, spread it over the top of our roll to form a golden crust.

    5. Put the strudel into an oven preheated to 180 degrees for about 20 minutes.

    The ability to cook deliciously will be a good plus for women!


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